Game of Thrones Night – Winter is Coming April 2015

game-of-thonesGame of Thrones is coming to Bonsai Sunday nights, April 2015. Didn’t think Sundays could get any better? You were wrong. Coming April 2015, Game of Thrones will be screened when it returns to HBO for its forth season (Sunday 9pm).

For those of us without cable or a friend whose HBO Go password we can, um…borrow, the return of this critically acclaimed show can cause TV-watching-anxiety, as we seek out a bar that doesn’t suck to catch up with Danerys Targaryen or Jon Snow. Don’t fret, your future spot is ┬áhere. Get your Game of Thrones fix at Bonsai 8th Street. Enjoy the best sushi and Thai food in Miami while watching your favorite epic series.

Winter is coming to Bonsai April 2015 – Saki and Game of Thrones…need we say more!!!

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