Is Sushi Healthy for Me?

0209_HDR2_cropThere are not many foods that both taste good and are still healthy for you. Sushi is one of those rare examples where you can have a delicious treat without paying the price. As long as you order sushi that is not fried and contains mostly healthy ingredients you can get the best of both worlds.

Sushi can be low in calories. White fish such as sea bass and red snapper have less than 100 calories per 3/1/2 oz. Even richer fish such as mackerel, eel and the fattier cut of tuna, have less than 200 calories per 3 1/2 oz. Besides being low in calories, oily fish such as mackerel are high in omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids can be effective in preventing heart disease, stroke and arthritis.

Rice in sushi also has positive attributes such as carbohydrates and proteins. It is also gluten free and is a great option for people with wheat allergies. Sushi rice is also seasoned with rice vinegar which has important antibacterial properties that can preserve food. It gently aids in digestion and also lowers the risk of high blood pressure.

Ginger which is served as an accompaniment with sushi as a palate cleaner is an effective natural antiseptic. Ginger aids in digestion and can boost the immune system by helping the body fight colds and the flu.

Soy sauce which is served with sushi as a dipping sauce also has positive health benefits. Soybeans which is the main ingredient in soy sauce is high in protein, magnesium, potassium and iron. Soy products are also known to contain phytoestrogens which has been successfully used to treat problems associated with menopause.

Nori also known as seaweed is filled with nutrition. Many sushi rolls are wrapped in seaweed which contains proteins, vitamins – A, B1, B2, B6, Niacin and C. Nori can help prevent cholesterol deposits from building up in the blood vessels.

Yes, even the Wassabi has positive health benefits. Wassabi is rich in vitamin C and it stimulates the production of saliva which aids in digestion. Wassabi has powerful antibacterial properties and is mildly antiseptic.

So not only is Sushi a tasty treat, but its also a healthily option for the more health conscious foodies. At Bosnai 8th Street, we pride ourselves on providing our patrons with high quality grade sushi prepared with expertise of our master sushi chefs. Come experience one of the best Sushi Restaurants in Miami. We are not far from Kendall so you your looking for a Kendall Sushi Restaurant, Bonsai 8th Street is a great choice! We hope to see you soon.

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