Sushi vs. Sashimi

0209_HDR2_cropWhat is the different between sushi and sashimi? If you just started eating this type of food, you may not know the difference between these two types of food. In fact, people in many countries commonly interchange these two words thinking that mean the same thing. All though there are many similarities, these foods are different.

Many people mistakenly think that all sushi is composed of raw fish. Sushi is not necessarily raw fish, but rather vinegared rice that is mixed with other ingredients which may or may not include raw fish. However, typically raw fish is a main component in sushi. sashimi is thinly slice raw meat which is usually fish such as salmon or tuna. sashimi is service without rice.

Sashimi is always served raw while sushi may sometimes contain cooked ingredients but is typically served with raw ingredients. Sushi will usually have more carbs and calories than sashimi since its served with rice and other ingredients like mayonnaise. Both Sushi and sashimi tend to be high in omega 4 fatty acids.

Overall, both sushi and sashimi are tasty treats that you can enjoy at Bonsai 8th Street. Bonsai 8th Street is a popular Miami sushi restaurant known for its quality ingredients and flavorful foods. If you’re not sure which one to try order both and see what you tend to like better. Let your waiter know and he or she will help you select some popular dishes.

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